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Memorandum of Understanding between CisLunar Industries and Veridiam, Inc.

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Left to Right: Bernard Tubongbanua, Business Dev Mgr for Veridiam; Joe Pawleski, CTO for CisLunar Industries; and Brian Joyal CEO for Veridiam at Veridiam’s manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA. Working to create viable end-to-end solutions for In-Space Manufacturing.

Denver, Colorado February 24, 2023 - Veridiam and CisLunar Industries intend to partner on a series of ground‐based developmental tests designed to mature material processing technology for in‐space and terrestrial applications.

CisLunar Industries is developing lightweight and portable raw metal‐processing capabilities for in‐space and terrestrial applications with special emphasis being placed on processing of recycled metals. Veridiam currently uses forming, machining and assembly processes to create products for applications in nuclear power plants, launch vehicles and rocket engines.

The two companies plan to collaborate in the following areas:

  • Advancing the state of the art in end‐to‐end space‐based metal processing for in‐space assembly and manufacturing applications

  • Exploring the application of space processing hardware for relevant terrestrial applications.

  • Jointly build public awareness regarding Sustainability within the context of Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

  • Demonstrate the ability to create a closed loop terrestrial metal recycling capability using CisLunar Industries technology.

"The goal of this partnership is to mature in‐space manufacturing technologies by demonstrating material to product to grave processing,” says Brian Joyal, CEO of Veridiam “We also have our eyes on how to apply this in terrestrial applications to improve the sustainability of terrestrial manufacturing.”

Gary Calnan, CEO of CisLunar Industries, also celebrated the possibilities. "Through this partnership, we can combine CisLunar Industries’ expertise in space‐based metal processing with Veridiam's expertise in processing raw materials into final product forms to accelerate development of the full suite of metal end products needed for the in‐space manufacturing industry," he said. "We look forward to bringing this important capability to market, as well as exploring terrestrial applications together."


About CisLunar Industries USA Inc.

CisLunar Industries is developing, manufacturing, and operating Modular Space Foundries® (MSFs) to process metal in space for use in space. The MSF transforms feedstock into metal propellant and products for in-space manufacturing. The MSF enables solutions to multiple customer problems in space and on Earth: space debris recycling, propellant refueling, satellite end-of-life disposal, large structure construction, supply of lunar metal manufacturing feedstock, and terrestrial mining. CisLunar Industries is headquartered in Denver. For more information, visit:

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About Veridiam, Inc.

Veridiam, Inc. is a leading strategic manufacturing partner with more than 50 years of experience serving as a major manufacturer of precision engineered components. Veridiam is focused on delivering innovative manufacturing solutions into highly regulated markets utilizing its expertise in exotic metals. Veridiam supplies these innovative solutions into the aerospace, defense, medical, nuclear, energy and space markets. Veridiam is headquartered in San Diego where it has two operating plants.

For more information, visit:


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