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What can we offer you?



Modular Space

CisLunar Industries is developing an innovative engineering solution to enable the recycling of spent upper stages, satellites, and space debris, thereby transforming otherwise dangerous material into feedstock for in-orbit manufacturing.


Our recycling technology will take recovered space debris and reprocess it into standardized metal feedstock in the form of rod, wire filament, and other useful geometries. These will be used in a variety of applications, including a metal propellant and for in-orbit servicing, assembly, and manufacturing (ISAM).

MSF Prototype:
SBIR Phase-1

As part of our NASA SBIR Phase-1 contract, we were able to rapidly prototype and demonstrate control of melt levitation and heating, and create our first rod casting machine in 6 months.


Along with other partners in the value chain, we demonstrated publicly through live demonstration in October 2021 the capability to manufacture a rod, which was then used to successfully generate thrust in an electric thruster as fuel.

 Watch the live demonstration below:


MSF Prototype:
SBIR Phase-2

As part of our NASA SBIR Phase-2 contract, we rigorously tested our Modular Space Foundry® prototype under microgravity conditions during our first parabolic flight test in November 2022.


With the results from this flight, our next iteration will take part in another parabolic flight in May 2023.



MSF Products

Material Products


We were able to demonstrate that an MSF rod made from scrap rocket upper stage material could be melted down and extruded into a rod. This rod was then used by Neumann Space as a solid-state fuel rod for use by their electric propulsion system.


Continuously Casted Solid-Metal Propellant Rods for In-Space Logistics and Maneuvering Capabilities. CisLunar Industries ManeuvR© C-6061-P, C-2000S-P, C-3000S-P, etc., are metal propellant rods that can be used in vacuum arc thruster electric propulsion motors and other thrusters that use solid metal propellant. Aluminum series 2000-6000, as well as other non-ferrous metals, will be offered pending available source materials.

ManeuvR© C-6061-P

MSF Applications

1 / Metal Processing-as-a-Service (MPaaS)

First In-Space Processing Model (MPaaS) - Our MSF unit will take minimal real estate on The International Space Station and be capable of forming a range of products: (e.g. rod, propellant rods, and metal wire – as want, tubes, sheet metal)

  1. Axiom must remove metal waste from ISS.

  2. We divert & recycle waste down-mass on station to make metal feedstock. 

  3. Axiom sells feedstock to manufacturing customers. 

2 / JunkR© Salvage Services

Storage, Salvage, and Recycling Services for Retired or Inactive Space Assets. Recycle space debris and satellites at end-of-life at space stations to produce key materials for sale to the emerging In-space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (ISAM) industry. We have 2 operational models:

  1. Bring your debris and we salvage/sell products 

  2. Pay for Salvage-as-a-Service (SalaaS) and we become your constellation end-of-life option.

3 / Terrestrial Point-of-Need Processing

MeltR© C-F - small-scale induction furnaces can be used for in-space metal processing, as well as small-batch terrestrial recycling and in-mine ingoting at point of extraction. Adaptable for various metals and other conductive materials. 

MovR© C-M - Small-Scale Magnetic Manipulation Device for In-Space and Terrestrial Applications. CisLunar Industries MovR© C-M provides magnetic manipulation capabilities for small-scale in-space and terrestrial applications. 



Modular Configurable Electric Power Converter

CisLunar Industries' family of PowR© DC power converters take electrical power from solar panels, batteries, nuclear, or thermoelectric generators, and converts it into precise voltages, currents, and frequencies.  


Our subsystem developed to convert DC current from solar panels into highly configurable, high density, high frequency, AC current was originally developed for our Modular Space Foundry (MSF).

MCEPC Prototype

Say hello to MCEPC - the future of high power conversion, both in-space and terrestrially.

Picture 1 copy.png


  1. Low Mass, Low Volume.

  2. Modular and programmable to work in arrays.

  3. Configurable ultra-high efficiency >96% full H-bridge for resonate power supply architectures.

  4. Features aluminum substrate PCBs.

  5. Versions available for Silicon, SiC, and GaN.



1 / Electric Propulsion

As one of many useful other applications, this subsystem is being adapted to be used as a Power Processing Unit (PPU) for electric propulsion, scalable to high power levels.  

2 / Laser & Radio Communications

Low physical volume, high power - get more for the limited space you have.

3 / ...and many more Critical Subsystems

Really, MCEPC can be used in any application where your need involves high power conversion but with a small form factor!

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