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May 4, 2022

Lee Steinke Joins CisLunar Industries as Chief Operating Officer

Gary Calnan, CEO of CisLunar Industries, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lee Steinke as Chief Operating Officer, effective April 2022. She will support the CEO in setting and executing the company’s strategy alongside Chief Technology Officer Joe Pawelski and Managing Director for Europe Walter Schroeder.

“We are thrilled to have Lee joining the leadership team at CisLunar.” Calnan said. “She has the knowledge and experience to ensure we execute on our vision and make it a reality in this critical time of accelerating growth for CisLunar and the in-space economy. And she is such a perfect fit for the culture of this tight-knit team that it feels like she’s been with us from the beginning.”


“When Gary told us he wanted to hire Lee,” Pawelski said, “he had us interview her, and it was the easiest decision ever.”

Lee has been an executive consultant and advisor in the aerospace and defense industry for the past year, working on business and technical projects for military, non-profit, and commercial clients, including CisLunar Industries. Her 20-year career as a scientist and executive has covered several industries.

Prior to being in the aerospace industry, Lee was engaged in the energy industry working with both publicly traded and private-equity-backed companies. In these roles, Lee was a key decision-maker for capital budgets reaching $760 million per year. She led and managed multidisciplinary teams that added over $1 billion in value through operational and technical improvements determined from science, engineering, and data analytics; turnaround of failing industrial processes; identification of new opportunities; and startup of newly acquired business units.

Lee is well published as a key contributor to many technical publications and is a sought-after speaker, panelist, moderator, and host. A licensed Professional Geologist, she was Chair of the Advisory Board for the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists and is now learning new things about space resources.

Lee holds an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an MS in Geology and Geophysics from Yale University, and a BA with Distinction in Geology and Classics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“It’s an exciting time to join CisLunar Industries,” Lee said. “We are embarking on our NASA Phase 2 SBIR, and we are building technologies and partnerships that will advance the industry’s capabilities in both in-situ resource utilization and in-space manufacturing.”

About CisLunar Industries

CisLunar Industries is a space technology company that is turning space debris and other in situ materials into a resource for accelerating the in-space industrial revolution. CisLunar’s Micro Space Foundry (MSF) is a distributed metal processing capability composed of numerous, small, low-cost, modular processing units that receive metal feedstock and process it into basic metal products for In-Space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (ISAM), as well as into propellant for in-space transportation and logistics. MSFs are platform agnostic and can be deployed to the locations and in the quantities needed to match feedstock supply and product demand. CisLunar demonstrated an initial Earth-based prototype in 2021 and sees a path to a commercially available system in the 2023-2025 timeframe.

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Press Coverage

January 22, 2022

CBS Saturday Morning

Featured CisLunar Industries and our work to enable space debris recycling for propellant and building materials.  They did a great job also highlighting the larger ecosystem of companies that make the in-space resource economy a reality in the near future.

November 23, 2021

Is THIS the key to clearing the skies of space junk? Scientists reveal plans to transform debris in Earth's orbit into ROCKET FUEL ...

  • Scientists have revealed plans to transform debris in Earth's orbit into rocket fuel

  • It would involve satellites capturing bits of space junk, storing it and cutting it up

  • A space foundry would then melt the debris into metal rods that are used for fuel

  • New propulsion system ionises metal and creates thrust to move objects in orbit

November 20, 2021

New plan to make rocket fuel from junk in Earth’s orbit
Australian company joins global effort to recycle dangerous space debris

November 8, 2021

A Colorado company wants to recycle space junk

A recycling truck in space could solve a growing problem: trash in Earth’s orbit-- junk that threatens everything from GPS satellites to the space station. Last week the  U.S. Space Force announced a plan to promote manufacturing and recycling in space. That’s an opportunity for Denver-based CisLunar Industries, which is working on space recycling. CEO Gary Calnan explains the technology and Colorado School of Mines professor Angel Abbud-Madrid weighs in on the potential implications.

May 24, 2021


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, May 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In its second virtual Catalyst Collision Event, June 22-25, the Catalyst Accelerator will showcase the dual-use, innovative space technologies of 23 small businesses to government and commercial scouts and will showcase an additional 7 companies in Friday’s Tech Gallery. Sponsored by Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/RV), the four-day pitch event will spark connections and collaborations between startups and small businesses, helping them gain traction in the space sector.


April 7, 2021

NASA Funds 36 Space 3D Printing Projects—Here Are the 15 Most Exciting

2. Metal Foundries in Space
CisLunar Industries is a space technology startup hoping to build metal foundries in space. The key to the technology is the use of debris as an input resource, enabling in-space manufacturing and accelerating space industrialization. As a first-time recipient of NASA’s SBIR grant, CisLunar wants to develop an in-space recycling system that transforms spent components and large structures into repurposed, useful products for on-orbit 3D printing, construction, and refueling. The final output will be a uniform metal rod or ingot as feedstock for use in multiple potential applications, like AM.


Company Videos

From garage to vacuum chamber, CisLunar Industries was awarded a NASA SBIR in March of 2021.  This one minute video provides insight to the innovation applied in this groundbreaking endeavor.


November 15, 2021

Developing the Space Economy through Next Generation Orbiting Systems

Providing in-orbit transportation, data communication, a place to call home, and a place to work in orbit will define how humans begin to live off the planet. Come hear industry leaders discuss the challenges, opportunities, and elements of how they envision an economy functioning to support a sustained human presence in space. Participate in a break session to help define value chains, and interact with peers.

Carolyn Belle, Director, Advanced Systems, Astroscale

Gary Calnan, CEO, CisLunar Industries

Craig Moll, VP Commercial Business Development, SpaceLink

Daryl Schuck, Business Development Manager, Aerospace and Satellite Solutions, AWS

David Zuniga, Business Development Manager, Exploration Systems, Axiom Space
Session Hosts

David Zuniga - Axiom Space, Organizer

Conference Presentations

September 8, 2021


Gary Calnan, CEO of CisLunar Industries, presents to Conversations for the Future: Space Garbage, Recycling, & Sustainability

Go to 1:26:57

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July 28, 2021


Gary Calnan, CEO of CisLunar Industries, presents at SpaceTech Analytics: Space Mining The High Frontier

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