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CisLunar Industries to Procure World Leading Propulsion System from Neumann Space

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

CisLunar Industries to Procure World Leading Propulsion System from Neumann Space under U.S. Space Force Project

Denver, Colorado. 20 April, 2023 – Neumann Space, an emerging Australian space company, has entered into an agreement to deliver its world leading propulsion system, the Neumann Drive®, to Colorado-based CisLunar Industries, a designer and manufacturer of Modular Space Foundries®, to help progress a U.S. Space Force-funded project that will create a circular propulsion ecosystem, the companies announced today.

The Envisioned Propulsion Ecosystem

The USD $1.7 million project led by CisLunar Industries and including industry partners such as Astroscale U.S. and Colorado State University, is focused on operationalizing the recycling of metal in space to create metallic fuel for propulsion that will enable enhanced and sustainable satellite mobility.

The Neumann Drive® was selected for integration into this project due its unique propulsion technology that uses solid metallic propellant. Neumann Space has previously conducted a series of tests demonstrating that its patented pulsed cathodic arc thruster technology can use in-space recycled metal as fuel.

Neumann Space’s CEO, Herve Astier said “Our company’s mission is to enable the sustainable economic development of space, and we are proud that our propulsion system will play a role in this project as it seeks to create the foundations for a new circular economy in space.”

“The supply agreement with CisLunar Industries represents the first commercial sale and first export of the Neumann Drive® and we are confident that this milestone marks the beginning of an accelerated role for our company in providing off-the-shelf, safe and easy-to-integrate electric propulsion systems to improve mobility in space,” he said.

CisLunar Industries’ CEO, Gary Calnan, said “As the industrial in-space economy accelerates and as the space domain becomes more contested, the Space Force has a need for Sustained Space Maneuver. Our Modular Space Foundry® and our partners’ capabilities allow us to turn space debris into propellant for the Neumann Drive®, which can then be used to retrieve more space debris, support the Space Force SAML (Space Access, Mobility, and Logistics) mission, and provide materials for in-space manufacturing and construction."

"With the Space Force’s foresight to invest in our combined capabilities, what we are creating now lays the foundation for a full-scale industrial economy in space,” he said.


About Neumann Space Pty Ltd (Australia)

Neumann Space is an Australian-owned company whose mission is to enable the sustainable economic development of space. To achieve that the company is focused on delivering superior mobility in space through the development of products using a unique leading technology with solid metallic propellants for in-space electric propulsion and the commercialisation of those products for satellites and spacecraft.

Neumann Space is headquartered in Adelaide.

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About CisLunar Industries Inc. (USA)

CisLunar Industries is developing, manufacturing, and operating Modular Space Foundries® (MSFs) to process metal in space for use in space. The MSF transforms feedstock into metal propellant and products for in-space manufacturing. The MSF enables solutions to multiple customer problems in space and on Earth: space debris recycling, propellant refueling, satellite end-of-life disposal, large structure construction, supply of lunar metal manufacturing feedstock, and terrestrial mining.

CisLunar Industries is headquartered in Denver.

For more information, visit:

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For further information please contact:

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Neumann Space

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CisLunar Industries

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